1. jan. 2018

Farewell 2017, hello 2018!

 A Farewell to 2017

and plans for 2018

2017 began as many others, with a wish to accomplish a goal within the next 365 days. The goal was to focus extra much on the writing and have as much as  finished before the end of that year. 
With the new year ahead and the old behind me, it begs the question: did i reach my goal? 
In many ways yes. A total of 2 chapters where finished for The Story Of Dagmar, and a lot of work done on Elias & The Highspeed train. This means that i'm officially halfway done with the writing at this point. 

Therefore my goal in 2018 is to write as much as possible so that the writing can be done by late 2018/early 2019. How long the following illustrations work will take to make, i don't know at this point.
Speaking of illustrations, i've been spending some time in 2017 on a new artstyle. 
This new artstyle has proven to be extra detailed compared to the old one, and by experimenting further i've come up with a result that i can be satisfied with.  
All it all, 2017 was in many ways the year where many goals were reached. 

On the other projects of mine in 2017 there was a few where i didn't reach my goals. Portrait of a Danish loco's first episode was due in the summer of 2017, but due to various reasons i didn't make it. I do however wish it to be possible to accomplish in 2018. 

A thing i've done for som time now, and which has proven to give joy to me and the reciever is gifts in the form of drawings. This year i made a portrait of two locomotives of the, Romney, Hythe & Dymchurch Railway in southern England where the railway operates trains in 1/3 scale.  

The railway thanked me with a formal letter and if you're lucky, you might see it if you visit the railway.  
I'm currently working on a gift for a railway back home, but who it's for you'll have to wait in order to find out. 

Sadly the last half of 2017 meant that i was heavily delayed and even with this post feel like writing in the last minute.  

I hope however, that 2018 will be the year of many accomplishments, both for this series and my series called A year of trainspotting, where i show of the pictures i've taken along the danish railways throughout the year. 

With all that to look forward to and more, I wish you a happy new year and a happy 2018!

Author and Webmaster
Sebastian Berthelsen

20. aug. 2017

Still going strong!

An example of the new artstyle

Apologies for a delayed update!

But non the less an update worth waiting for!

I want to firstly apologize for not having updated you guys sooner, as i've promised at the beginning of the year. On the other hand i feel like i've more to tell you now that i would have had earlier. 

Fírst and foremost, progress is clearly seen on the writing of my books. Elias and the highspeed train is already over half way done, and The story of Dagmar is not that far behind. I truly hope to have the latter over halfway done before the end of the autumn. This will make do everything i can to finnish the last bit of writing in 2018 and then my goal for a full publish in 2019, might be more realistic than ever before!

Then there's my new art style. For the past weeks, i've been experimenting with a new art style, and the illustration on the top of the page, is the result of my experimenting. I truly love the result myself and i'm looking forward to implementing it on my illustrations for the books. 

Furthermore, i've begun livestreaming again on my new facebook page: SJB Media 1996 art

With that, i'll be signing off again, i hope to be back before Christmas with more updates! 

Kind regards

Sebastian Berthelsen
Author and Webmaster

7. feb. 2017

First update of the year

- And the books are well underway

Test illustration for Elias and the highspeed train
As 2016 was a very quiet year on the blog (with only 3 posts) I thought i'd try and make up for it by posting more frequent updates on the books in 2017.

We're only 2 months into the new year but already there's alot of progress. As of this moment another chapter has been finished, which narrows it down to 2 more chapters being needed for Elias and the highspeed train. 

As for the other book The story of Dagmar, Two chapters are coming along nicely, these were also worked on in 2016 but are expected to be finished this year, narrowing it down to three more chapters being needed for this one. . 

Other than that its pretty much the usual, drawings are progressing and as of this year something new, it's back in buisness for the series of SJB Media 1996: A year of trainspotting. At the moment the 2015 and 2016 editions are being worked on and is expected to release during march.

And with this first update i wish you all a nice year! 


1. jan. 2017

Goodbye 2016 and hello to 2017

The TDRS christmas card for 2015

Farewell to project 2016

- and other plans for the future. 

The year 2016 started out with alot of hopes and dreams for the 2014 started project, project 2016. 

Unfortunately the year proved difficult with alot of challenges, which resulted in the cancelling of project 2016. 

But even though this project was cancelled, alot of other succeeded. 

Two posters which were made for the DBJ society
The year started with the continued collaboration with the DBJ society. In april two drawings were delivered at their museum during a visit by the SHS .

This collaboration between both parties has proven to bring much joy to both, and according to the society itself, one of the TDRS' drawings have been used on many of their lectures. 

A new thing was tried out in 2016 and that was "livestreams"where i could draw live and at the same time tell you updates on my projects. The first streams were in english but were later changed to danish streams on the facebook page.

Even though the amount of viewers have changed from stream to stream, it is my plan to do more streams in 2017. The idea for this being at least one stream per week or month. 

Speaking og drawing earlier, much progress has been going on in the last year. Thanks to another year of practice it looks like 2017 is gonna be another great year full of art. 

On the writing side in 2016 however, writing has been in slow progress due to writers block, and mostly it was limited to a few pages written now and then. 

It was due to this reason that i halfway through the year, decided to cancel project 2016. 

It is due to this that i've decided that 2017 is gonna be focused around the writing. But making a book isn't exactly child's play, so lets wait and see if this will be possible in due time. 

Because 2017 is going to be a busy year in many ways, besides having this series going on for its 5th year, another project "portrait of a danish loco" is due to publish its first episode focusing on the K-class locomotive of 1894. 

and last but not least, i'd like to wish you all a happy new year! 


22. maj 2016


the first commercial for "Elias and the highspeed train"
first poster for "The story of Dagmar"

As you can see the first artwork is starting to appear, however for the time being its only commercial art.

Meanwhile the writing is still going on at a steady pace, currently only in Danish. Translation will follow when the writing is complete and will then be sent on to the editor of the series.

This work might take a while as we both have something to correct each time from each others edits. But whatever duration the books will be out within the next year or so. All the effort in making these is being put in as much as possible.

The deadline for project 2016 is still uncertain if it will succeed but right till the last second will i try to complete it in time. Not easy when you have to produce a book in two languages!

until next time!
Sebastian Berthelsen

22. mar. 2016


Sketches and lots of em'!

A sketch of a scene from the coming "Elias and the highspeed train"
I must start by apologizing that I have not updated this site so much since new year. The reason is that I have been busy working on my drawings and especially the work of writing everything needed to write the books before I can publish them.

As for what I've drawn it virtually to both of my project 2016 books.

But the work has so far not been problem-free, since I have a bit of writing blockade and generally found it a little difficult to keep the work going.

But despite the problems, things are moving ahead slowly and I still hope to be able to publish here in 2016, but it becomes harder and harder to believe when the work list gets longer and longer with things like research, the drawings as well as text to be written.

But even if I do not have time to get my books out this year then there's still some of the drawings that will go into a printed book. The book will be titled "a year of trainspotting 2015" and will mostly consist of pictures but will also contain 5 illustrations!

                                                                                                   Well, that was all for now, see you!
A sketch for "A year of trainspotting 2015"

1. jan. 2016

Happy new year!

Farewel 2015, Hello 2016!

We're saying farewell to 2015 and what a year its been!

A year which seemed at first to be like any other for the project, namely with me the author, being so sure that this would be the year where I would launch the danish railway series with the publish of the first two books. However instead of continuing like the previous years with a short term plan I decided to go for a longer term plan.

It was because of this that project 2016 was created. The project was different by the fact it had a date and a detailed plan for the goals needed before the acutal publish of what i'd like to refer to as: “a new era for the danish railway series”.

Because ever since my first book was cancelled in 2015, the project have been somewhat “bookless” in the way that it was on standby, while i've been trying to find out which way to go with my project.

The choice was to keep on working on the historic, while trying to keep the adventurous feeling about it to catch the interest amongst younger readers.

This resulted in that the two books choosen for project 2016, began to move in different directions. While the 3rd attempt of my first book of denmarks first highspeed train began to sound like something for the older children, the other book (the story of dagmar) began to move towards the younger children, namely the pre-teen group.

And speaking of “the story of Dagmar”, the collaboration between project D 825 and The danish railway series is still very much alive. As recent as this december a gift was sent to Aalborg and very much welcomed by the project leader and the rest of the project.

But Project D 825 isn't the only one to receive a gift from the TDRS. The Bornholm based railway project, the DBJ society have also been given something from the project. On a Bornholm themed christmas market on Zealand, I presented a special drawing to the members of the society and the foreman was so happy that I was given a free book!

the author with the foreman of the DBJ

With this happiness that my project's gifts brings, it has moved my projects towards different ways of supporting and also spreading the danish railway history.

Cause 2015 was also a year which stood in the sign of progress, namely the art!

Though in early 2015 there wasn't much to come after. Illustrations of the project was something to celebrate and facebook audience didn't seem to like it very much.

Therefore I needed to come up with a new plan and fast. Then as a stroke of luck, my art tools (tablet/drawing pad) began working again and before long I was working fulltime to catch up on my skills!

From drawings that had no appeal what so ever, to end up with drawings that really was something to show to the world; was something that I hope not only I but the current and coming audience of the danish railway series will enjoy.

For now lets face forward, for the times ahead.

Will 2016 be the year of our first books?

For now I have no idea, but rest asured that I will work hard as much as I can. So that I can proudly present to books in december!

What's left now is only to ask you all a happy new year and hoping to see you all for more news this year.

                 The author.

        Sebastian J Berthelsen.